Welcome to Moghouse.cc

BNET.cc was proud to have served the Final Fantasy XI community from nearly 2006 as a part of eArena.net, and having an actively publicly accessible private server for simple exploration, until we have finished ending our hosting of servers, and are moving onto more community focused work. Moghouse will serve as a great linkable guide to your players as to how to setup thier client. And serving other would be server hosts with advice and tips on setting up your server!. Come join us on Discord for now, and we'll continue expanding our passion over time. 

Moghouse is back as a FunServer. GM Commands setup! Use: --server ffxi.cc

Moghouse Server is once again a FUNSERVER. GM Commands turned on, check them under FFXI menu -> Private Server stuff.

Make sure you grab the latest xiloader.exe instead of using pol.exe that comes with Ashita. Check Discord for details.