Featured Private Servers

To get added here, ping us on DiscordThese are only servers that operate on retail version so user won’t have to install a new version of game to play.


DSP-Oldschool (75 cap)

Online since April 2012, this server has followed the server development a long time. 75 cap, 29 merit bank, everything is stock except for a +10 running speed boost. Multiple connections allowed, and we have a friendly group who is always looking to welcome new members. Updated monthly
Website | Discord | Launcher: –server oldschool.dspt.info

xiweb (99 cap)

Bleeding edge LandSandBoat server with all QoL improvements. (Book/Crystal teleport, Field/Ground of Valor, Records of Eminence) (Content comes from ‘everything’ branch, no custom modifications are in place.)
Website | Discord | Launcher: –server xiweb.catsangel.com


Demiurge (75 cap)

Custom content, limited expansion access until further development. (Level cap may raise later on.)
Website | Discord | Launcher: –server demiurge.pw


Aurora (75 cap)

Hardcore Server! Custom content/rates. Death results in reset to level 1! No Cheats, awesome server.
Website | Discord | Launcher: –server ffxi.aurorahcs.com


Need more FFXI Servers?

A more complete list of servers can be found on the Final Fantasy XI Private Server community on reddit. Many servers have custom launchers that would require a fresh install of their version so those won’t be listed on our site but can be found here. You can also sign up on their Discord. MogHouse.cc is an active participant in this community since its inception.