GM Commands

The following commands are accessible on Some but not all of these commands work for other servers as well. We have custom GM level setup for players which adjusts to Level 1 GM. This allows the following to work. Simple GM Command Example: Type “!addallmaps” to obtain all maps on the server or “!addallspells” to learn all spells.

CommandDescriptionCustom MogHouse?
!addallattachmentsUnlocks all automation attachments.N
!addallmapsUnlocks all maps from the time of the command being made (Note: Doesn’t add new zones as they get added)N
!addallmountsUnlocks all mounts currently accessible in game.N
!addallspellsUnlocks ALL spells (This has been modified for MogHouse to avoid spells that were crashing user clients)Y
!addalltrustsUnlocks all Trusts. (These might not be accessible yet!)N
!addallweaponskillsAdds ALL weapon skills to WS List.N
!addcurrencyAllows adding of things like cruor to playerN
!adddynatimeAdds more time to dynamis sessionN
!addeffectAdds special effect to player. Current Effects List (Outdated)
!additemAdds any itemid that exists in this version of the game on the server. ID’s are inside of’s address bar: In this case would be !additem 25696N
!addkeyitemAdds any key itemid that exists in this version of the game. Also accessible same as above. We will do an ID list eventually..N
!aeryTeleports you to Dragon’s Aery… Prepare to fight!Y
!ahBrings up Auction House (Note: MogHouse doesn’t have an active Auction House due to !additem commandN
!apocnighTeleports you to Apoc NighY
!bring / !bringallCustomized command to NOT be usable by normal players. This allows admins to bring everyone or anyone to their location. (!bring is normal GM command on other servers)Y
!capallskills / !capskillCaps ALL skill levels to your current job level (IE if you’re level 10 and max skill is 20 for something it maxes it to 20.) (Can also cap individual skills)N
!cerberusTakes player to Cerberus.Y
!changejob / !changesjobThese can be used to change MAIN or SUB job. Just use job code and level IE: !changejob MNK 99N
!chocoboSummons a chocobo to ride. This technically works ANYWHERE. SO enjoy breaking the rules.Y
!cnationChange’s your nation: 1 (San D’Oria), 2 (Bastok), 3 (Windurst)N
!costumeAllows you to  wear a costume. There are 10,000+ costumes, so just play with IDs. !costume 0 will remove.N
!crashHigher GM thing that can force a crash. Not accessible to normal players.N
!cs / !cs2Triggers start of a cutsceneN
!delcurrencyDelete set currency. IE Cruor.N
!deleffectDeletes effect [id].N
!delitemDeletes set item, See for item IDs.N
!delkeyitemSame as above but for Key ItemsN
!delmissionCan delete mission by ID.N
!delquestDeletes quest by IDN
!delspellDeletes Spell by ID.N
!despawnmobDespawns a selected mob by ID.N
!dominionTeleports player to Behemoths’ DominionY
!downMoves player down some points on Z axis.Y
!expremoves our EXP Bonus we have set to default if you want a more retail like experience.Y
!fixspeedAdjusts your speed back to default. If you had been going too fast.. or slow.Y
!flashRun Barry, run.Y
!flyI believe I can FLYYYYYYYYYYYYY
!getidGet’s target ID (NPC or target like Door, ???. etc.)N
!givegilGive target player gil.N
!giveitemGive target player item by ID.N
!givelsGive’s target player LS by Name (Cast Sensitive!)N
!gmgearGives you all GM gear. (Note: GM armor is ONLY wearable by HUME.Y
!gmislandGives you access to my favorite little slice off fun.Y
!godmode… Go forth and kill. Turns on invisible, and tons of other things to remove the ‘fun’ but also creates a lot of fun… ??N
!gotoTeleport you to player’s location at that moment. (Players moving around and running might be gone before you appear.)N
!hasitem/ !haskeyitemCheck’s if player has specific item or keyitem by IDN
!hastitleCheck’s to see if player has a title by ID.N
!hideHIDE’s your GM Ass.N
!home / !homepointTake’s you to your homepoint.Y/N
!hpSet’s yours or target’s HP.N
!immortalSets Target to be unkillable.N
!injectAdjusted to not be accessible for players here.N
!injectactionAdjusted to not be accessible for players here.N
!jailAdjusted to not be accessible for players here.  Put’s player in jail. !jail TagbanN
!jinxAdjusted to not be accessible for players here. Tortures Player.Y
!jobJob store based on the job you’re currently on.Y
!killOMG Don’t use this!Y
!kirinTeleports you straight to Kirin.Y
!learnmagicMuch safer version of !addallspells, doesn’t include spells that caused crashes.Y
!logoffForce logoff target. Set to higher GM level so normal players can’t use it.N
!messagebasic / !messagespecialUsed to send server wide messages or special messages. to players.N
!mobhereBrings a monster in the zone to you directly. Works by ID.N
!mobmpSet’s monster’s MP.Y
!mobsubSet’s monster’s Subjob.N
!mountSimilar to chocobo command, but works with the other mounts as well. 0=Chocobo.N
!mpSet’s target MP.N
!nopantsNO PANTS ARE THE BEST PANTS! Pants target!Y
!npchereMove’s NPC in your zone to you directly.N
!nukeNuclear Launch Detected…Y
!pardonRemoves Jail status from user.N
!petgodmodeYour pet unchained…N
!pettpSet TP to pet.N
!posReturns exact coordinates in server where you are.N
!posfixThe most popular command ever. Fixes a player’s location back to a safe spot if they can’t log in. You can make a second char to do this to your first.N
!promotePromotes player’s GM level. (Turned off for MogHouse)N
!raiseUses Raise on player. IE: !raise 5 TagbanN
!releaseReleases from CutsceneN
!reloaddefaultactionsRemoves any custom actions that had been turned on by commands.N
!reloadglobalOnly for higher level GMs. Reloads Global Lua files like Player and settings.N
!reloadinteractionOnly for higher level GMs. Reloads the interaction frameworkN
!reloadnavmeshOnly for higher level GMs. Reloads the navmesh (What informs the client and NPCs where hills/trees are, to support movement mechanics.N
!reloadquestOnly for higher level GMs. Attempts to reload quest by name (Lua) without a restart. (Good for testing)N
!resetResets all Job Ability timers for target or self.N
!returnWarps player or target to their previous zone.N
!seahorrorSpawns Sea horror on boat to Mhaura/Selbina.Y
!sendAdjusted for MogHouse, blocked for players to use. Allows sending one player to another player’s location.N
!setallegianceSets player’s allegianceN
!setbagSets player’s bag size (Gobbiebag level)N
!setcapcitypointsAdjust capacity points for self/playerN
!setcraftrankSet rank in crafting.N
!setflagCan change a TON of things, Turned off for MogHouse players as can cause client crashes.N
!setgilSet target’s or self’s gil.N
!setjobpointsAdjust job points to specificed number.N
!setlocalvarSet player npc or mob local variable and value.N
!setmentor0 = Not a mentor, 1 = Unlocked but inactive, 2 = Unlocked & flag on.N
!setmeritsSets the target players merit count.N
!setmissionstatusSets missionStatus for the given LogID and target PlayerN
!setmobflagsUsed to manipulate a mob’s nameflags for testing.N
!setmoblevelSets the target monsters level.N
!setmodSets the specified modifier to the specified value on the cursor target or playerN
!setmusicChange’s zone music for ou based on ID.
!setplayerlevelSet’s another player’s level. (Disabled on
!setplayermodelAdjust modelN
!setplayernationAdjust nationN
!setplayervarSet’s special variables.N
!setprogressChanges progress inside an instanceN
!setweatherUse Weather IDs
!shopCustom shop for MogHouse.ccY
!signetToggle’s Signet on.Y
!spawnmobSpawns monster based on ID.N
!speedAdjust movement speed.N
!starlightSpecial store with holiday thingsY
!takegilTake’s set amount of gil from playerN
!takeexpTake’s set amount of EXP from player.N
!timeNot for normal users. This adjusts the time offset to align with vanadiel time.N
!togglegmToggle’s GM mode on/off. GM mode on has icon and no aggro.N
!tpSet’s TP of player.N
!troll1Spawns some mobs in Whitegate. (Testing)Y
!troll2Spawns some mobs in Whitegate. (Testing)Y
!troll3Spawns some mobs in Whitegate. (Testing)Y
!undead1Spawns some mobs in Whitegate. (Testing)Y
!undead2Spawns some mobs in Whitegate. (Testing)Y
!undead3Spawns some mobs in Whitegate. (Testing)Y
!upMove’s char up on the Z axis.Y
!updateconquestRefreshes Contequst tally from Database data.N
!updateservermessageTurned off for players on MogHouse, this updates the server message on login.N
!verShows server version to playerN
!wallhackThis allows you to go down thru floors, go thru walls, and run on water. Follows same plane you started on. Use !up or !down to adjust Z axis.N
!whereGives location of PC.N
!zoneTeleports player to specified zone. Supports auto translated zone names.N