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This guide will get you setup to play on nearly any private server. We focus on ours as priority for the address, however this will work on any private server you choose to play on that keeps up generally with retail updates.

  • Getting started you’ll need the Final Fantasy XI Installer found here: FFXI Client
  • You will want the following additional software pieces downloaded and installed before launching the FFXI installer (Not required but easy step to skip accidently if not gotten early)
  • .NET Framework 4.0, .NET Framework 4.5.2, Visual C++ 2010, Visual C++ 2012, Visual C++ 2013, Visual C++ 2015, Visual C++ 2017
  • Its important to note SOME of the above might not be needed for your computer. You might actually have all of these. But these are needed for a lot of the tools and features we use.
  • Once those 7 things finished installing we’re ready to move onto installing FFXI and PlayOnline.
  • You will want to start the install process by checking all 3 boxes that pop up on the screen

  • It is also a good idea to go ahead and grab Ashita or Windower as well.
    • Ashita comes with the XILoader file, however Windower does not, you’ll need that file from here if you plan to use Windower.
  • Once you have those, and Final Fantasy finished installing, continue to the Update Guide.

Update Guide | Ashita Setup | Windower Setup | Additional Tweaks